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Important Notice: As of 1 November 2023, Ms. Heba Hagrass (Egypt) has been appointed by the UN Human Rights Council as the current Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities. This site now serves as an archive of the work and contributions of Mr. Gerard Quinn during his tenure. For the latest updates and official communications from the Special Rapporteur, please visit the UN Special Rapporteurs Page.

Four months in war: latest update on Ukrainians with disabilities.

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During the CoSP 15, the Special Rapporteur joined a discussion on the situation of persons with disabilities in Ukraine, as the war entered its 4th month.

Hosted by the permanent missions of Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and the United States to the UN, together with EDF and IDA, the discussion took place in the context of the UN Conference of State Parties to the CRPD (COSP 15).

In his intervention, Prof. Quinn explained that the kind of military operations seen in Ukraine suggest several violations to international humanitarian law, and that reporting coming from the war-torned country indicate that persons with disabilities are being disproportionately impacted by some of this aggression.

 He pointed at the lack of visibility of many situations affecting people with disabilities in this and other conflicts as a major factor against accountability, and called to ensure that impunity is not repeated in this case.

Mr. Quinn also described the work he’s doing to address these problems of invisibility, dedicating 3 of his thematic reports throughout his mandate to disability and the different phases of the peace continuum.

You can watch his presentation here: